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Frequently asked questions

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-Where can I find informations about the Wikireader ?

Product homepage is archived here (link). You can find a small manual here (link). A lot videos can be found on YouTube (link).

- What's the handling of it ?

The Wikireaders size is 10x10cm with 2cm depth, Weight: 120g.
The unit has only three buttons and is very easy to use.
The touchscreen display can be navigated with the fingers (no need for a stylus) and is easy to read indoors and out.
The case is very robust and the organic shape is a joy to hold.
Explicit Wikipedia content can be protected with a password. So the Wikireader is kid-safe.





- which languages are supported ?

The Wikireader comes with an English Wikipedia, English Wikiquotes (a free online compendium of sourced quotations from notable people and creative works) and multi-langual Wiktionary (a free content dictionary). You can add your mothers tongue. Please see a list of available languages (link) here. Several languages can be used simultaneously. Additional languages can be installed with the Update application (link) from Openmoko.
After installation, you can choose languages on the Wikireader by touching the globe symbol on the search page.
Update 2015: application & updates are gone, sorry.

- how to update the Wikipedia ?

Update 2015: application & updates are gone, sorry.
If your update fail, for example you erased all files on card by mistake, please download Wiki-Base-System (link), extract files and copy it to card. After you can start the Openmoko Update Application and choose your language packs.

- Whats included ?

The Wikireader comes with batteries, printed manual and 8 GB memory card (microSD) with pre-installed, ready-to-use english Wikipedia. You can use the device out of the box.



- how is the power consumption ?

The Wikireader uses two standard batteries (size AAA) which last for a full year of usage.
No annoying discharged battery, no fiddling with power adaptors. Besides you can use rechargeable AAA batteries. This makes the device helpful while travelling in the Australian outbacks.



- can it be used in my country ?

Wikireader provides a free encyclopedia to everyone on the planet. It has a touch screen that accommodates international keyboards. It uses no country-specific power adapter, but uses widely available AAA batteries. And since the WikiReader never requires an Internet connection, it can deliver all of this to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

- can I read eBooks with it ?

You can use the eBooks from Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg on WikiReader contains the eBooks from (but not You will need to upgrade to a 16 GB memory card (microSD) to use Wikipedia and Gutenberg simultaneously.
The Gutenberg eBooks can be downloaded with the Openmoko Update application (link).

- Other kinds of content ?

Any wiki that runs on MediaWiki software can be converted to the WikiReader format and copied to the memory card.
There are many other language versions of Wikipedia that have not been converted to WikiReader format yet, and many other kinds of useful wikis
that are suitably licensed for free redistribution as well. WikiReader users who have the required skills, and an itch to scratch, are encouraged to convert these and offer them to the community.

For more technically inclined users: You can put custom content in your WikiReader by first uploading it into a wiki running on MediaWiki and
then doing an xml dump (Infolink). The dump is then converted to WikiReader format using the Python program found in the WikiReader git.
Creating an empty private wiki is easy, and it only takes minutes to get started. First install VirtualBox and then within it, install a MediaWiki appliance. When you start the appliance, it displays a URL that you enter into your web browser. Then you add content and edit it in the usual wiki way.

- unit protection options ?

We do not suggest to use any display protection. Touchscreen input will be worse with it. The display is very solid and not as fragile as on mobile phones. Also the case is very robust and a protective case is not necessary

- How to connect Wikireader with the PC ?

There is no option to connect the Wikireader to a PC, Laptop or Internet. The Wikireader is designed and intended to be used as offline-tool.
Please consider the advantages of this idea: no virus, no ring tones, no SMS terrorism, and overall no logging of your personal interests can be done !

- what else can I do with the Wikireader ?

1. Calculator - press and hold History-button while powering the Wikireader on.
2. System applications -press and hold Search-button while powering the Wikireader on.
3. Debug console (GPIO) for developers -press and hold Random-button while powering on.
4. Forth programms - the Wikireader can execute Forth written code (check *.4th, *.4mu files in root dir on the memory card).

- I want to develope.

You can find source code, technical specifications etc. within the github (link):
Also check the SDK (link). A small retro gaming console is an option.

tbc (to be continued). Your comments and suggestions are very welcome ! Please email me:


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