Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1 / PC-T1

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

- Quick Specifications ?

  Netwalker PC-Z1 Netwalker PC-T1
Input Physical Keyboard, QWERY layout, key pitch 14mm Soft virtuell keyboard or handwriting recognition
Size / Weight 16x11x2 cm, 409g 15x9x1,8cm, 280g
Battery non removable 1620mAh - 10h stand by, 4h of real-world usage removable battery 2300mAh (EA-BL14) - 10h stand by, 4h of real-world usage

Freescale i.MX515, 800Mhz - 512 MB RAM, 4 GB store flash (2 GB for user space)

5" WSVGA 1024x600, Touchscreen
WLAN 802.11b/g WPA2
WLAN 802.11b/g WPA2 + Bluetooth
speaker/headphone jack 3,5mm, USB-A, USB mini AB 2.0, microSD(HC)
OS preinstalled
Ubuntu 9.04 ARM
Software preinstalled
Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird,, Presentation/Spreadsheet/Word Processor/Drawing, Mozilla Sunbird
Accessories Stylus, Power adapter, manual Stylus, Power adapter, manual and additional pouch

+ nice real-world keyboard (Zaurus successor!)

- week battery

+ 30% leighter
+ stronger battery
- no easy-to-use-keyboard
- unattractive compared to other pure tablet designs (too small LCD, too slow, too expensive)


-Where can I find informations about the Sharp Netwalker ?

Netwalker Z1 "netbook": Z1 - Product review - Z1 Unboxing Infos - Videos: here and here

Netwalker T1 "tablet": T1 Unboxing - T1 Review - Videos here (English) and here (German).

Community forum: English and German.

Sharp Japan original pages (with google translation): Sharp Japan - Online Manual - Sharp Japan original Product pages - -

- comparison with Psion / Zaurus ?

Size comparison see picture (link)

- input options ?

touchscreen & optical pointer (mouse):

- system OS options ?

Preinstalled is Linux Ubutu 9.04 ARM (japanese customized veriant), what else do you need ? :-) There is no way to install Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 on it. If you are desparate in changing the OS, see kernel-flash instructions here, Debian port and Android port is on the way. Also Windows 95 is emulating well :)

- language options ?

All Ubuntu language settings can be used, this means all common languages are available. The unit can be localised to your local laguage very good.

- what do I need to start with ?

The Sharp Netwalker comes with all you need to start: power supply, battery, stylus. Units purchased from have a Euro-power adapter and a english quickstart-guide included. Sharp original pack does not include: USB cable, CDROMS, printed manual. The PC-T1 also has a pouch case included.

- charging options ?

The mains power supply has an input of 100-240V, which means worldwide use. The power cord with Japanese plugs can easily replaced with a European one (Z1) resp. an adapter can be used (T1). We already include a european cable/adapter for free. The power adapter from Z1/T1 can not be exchanged (different voltage and different plugs).

- colour options ?

Netwalker PC-Z1-W/B/R = white/black/red and PC-T1-B/S = black/silver. In general we prefer black units, however the black Netwalker is quite a bit tricky with fingertips. This time our favourite color option is red. It's far from sissy, but a classy eye-catcher, check real life picture (link).


F.A.Q. - for Netwalker users:

- Where to download Updates ?

Please click here: Sharp Japan Software Downloads. You will find a Flash Player, Ebook reader software and more. Extract archive file and click on With the Adope Flash player you have a YouTube-viewer in your pocket now.

- How to reset the unit ?

The most easy way is the Netwalker Restore pack (credits to RX Shorty). More informations can be found here: Sharp Support Site (Google translation), Wiki Netwalker.

- What peripherals can be used with the Netwalker ?

Sharp compiled a list of working accessories here (link). It states that these external USB devices can be used: harddrives (not bus powered), DVD-drives, wireless router, mouse, keyboard, headset and memory sticks. Besides David Samblas from explain in this How-To (link) how to attach a external monitor/projector, so you can use your Netwalker for presentations !
Users report to work: cameras Canon EOS400D, Powershot S50. Zaurus C1000 and Openmoko as USB-network-client, USB stereo headset Logitech PC960.


- Is the battery replaceable ?

The battery is not removeable on Z1 and can not be changed by the user (for this Sharp Japan is offering a service, opening the unit means loss of warranty for Sharp Japan). The T1 uses a 2300mAh removable battery, wich can be replaced from the user easily with product code EA-BL14.


- Input of special characters ?

Please create file ".Xmodmap" in your home-directory like this (example adds German 'Umlaute"):

keycode 49=Mode_switch
clear mod3
add mod3 = Mode_switch
keycode 38 = a A adiaeresis Adiaeresis
keycode 32 = o O odiaeresis Odiaeresis
keycode 30 = u U udiaeresis Udiaeresis
keycode 39 = s S ssharp
keycode 26 = e E EuroSign

After reboot, confirm startup of this keymap, otherwise start it manualy: xmodmap .Xmodmap
Now you can enter special characters using the Japanese key (bottom row 4th key from left, next to 'Alt") + character key.

- How do I connect the Netwalker to Internet ?

Most easy option is to use internal WLAN/Wifi card. For HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS the Huawei E160 USB-Stick ("Fonic Surf-Stick" (old variant!) works "plug and play" perfectly fine. Also validated from users to work: Vodafone K3765 UMTS-stick (with sakis3g), Delock 61147 USB-LAN-adapter (Delock driver modul mcs7830.ko) and AVM Fritzbox 7050 USB.

- How do I connect the Netwalker to my PC ?


- How do I connect the Netwalker to my mobile ?



tbc = to be continued - YOUR information imput is very welcome !


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