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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

-Where can I find informations about the Psion Teklogix IKON ?

Psion Teklogix provides Product Specifications (link). Within Teklogix new comunity portal you will find Ikon Manuals (link) and System Files (link). You can see a short Videos about the Ikon here (link).

- What variants of the Ikon are available ?

Please note, in opposite to the modular concept of the Psion Teklogix Workabout PRO, which is sold in a basis variant and can be upgraded with a variant of add-ons, the Psion Teklogix IKON is sold with 16 different model variants with a specific configuration. This can't be changed afterwards. Please check table:

No. Modell Bluetooth WLAN GPS Scanner / Imager Camera GSM LCD
1 010020 BT 802.11b/g - Imager 1D (EV15) - - Anti-glare only
2 102110 BT - GPS Scanner (SE955) -

UMTS/HSDPA (Siemens HC25)
on request: GPRS/EDGE (Siemens MC75)

3 102121 BT - GPS Imager 1D (EV15) Camera UMTS/HSDPA (Siemens HC25)
on request: GPRS/EDGE (Siemens MC75)
4 112110 BT 802.11b/g GPS Scanner (SE955) - UMTS/HSDPA (Siemens HC25)
on request: GPRS/EDGE (Siemens MC75)
5 102120 BT - GPS Imager 1D (EV15) - UMTS/HSDPA (Siemens HC25)
on request: GPRS/EDGE (Siemens MC75)
6 112121 BT 802.11b/g GPS Imager 1D (EV15) Camera UMTS/HSDPA (Siemens HC25)
on request: GPRS/EDGE (Siemens MC75)
9 100001 BT - - - Camera -  
10 010011 BT 802.11b/g - Scanner (SE955) Camera - Anti-glare only
11 010041 BT 802.11b/g - Imager 2D (HHP5000) Camera


Anti-glare only
13 112141 BT 802.11b/g GPS Imager 2D (HHP5000) Camera UMTS/HSDPA (Siemens HC25)
on request: GPRS/EDGE (Siemens MC75)
15 102101 BT - GPS - Camera GPRS  
16 102100 BT - GPS - - GPRS  
? 102141 BT -


- keyboard options ?

All Models are available with two keyboard options:

Numeric = Keypad only
Alphanumeric = QWERTY keyboard

- system OS options ?

All Models are available with two system OS options:

Microsoft Windows Embedded 5
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic or Professional (Phone edition)

Microsoft provides infos about Windows Embedded here (link) and Windows Mobile here (link).
Windows Mobile features a pretty user interface and more bundled programs (Pocket Office etc.). If you are intending to run software designed for 'pocket pc' then you should choose a Windows Mobile variant, if you are intending to develop your own applications using Visual or 2005 then the variants are usually favoured.
The Windows Mobile system is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. The Window system is available in English only. However any third party application can support your local language.

- what do I need to start with ?

The IKON comes with these accessories included: stylus pen, power supply unit, battery. For start working with the unit you need no more accessories. However it is convenient to have a dockingstation.

- display options ?

Color display Standard - "Anti-Glare"
Color display Outdoor - "Clear TouchScreen"

- stylus options ?

For replacement of a missing stylus please order CH6101 "stylus". This stylus is retractable and fits perfectly in the stylus holder on the bottom of the Ikon.
For any application who needs fast access to the stylus we suggest an external attached stylus. Please order CH6020 "Stylus tether kit". If you want to combinate external stylus with a handstrap, please order CH6021 "Handstrap", which includes a standard stylus.

- IP options ?

The Ikon is rated IP65, which means fully dust tight and water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects. Furthermore it is prooven against fall down 1.5m on concrete. Please see a short video with a drop test (link).

- battery/charger options ?

The battery CH3000 with 5000mAh is one of the most powerful batteries for mobile devices. Charging it inside the unit is possible with:
- Power supply unit (PS1051-G1 / CH3110) which comes as standard accessory with each unit,
- desk docking station for single unit (CH4000) or 4 units (CH4004),
- vehicle chargers: powered vehicle cradle (CH1005) and power adapter CLA (CH3050).

To extend battery life: Configure power management accordingly (WM: /Start/Settings/System tab - /Start/Settings//ControlPanel/Display & /Power): suspend power settings, reduce backlight, keypad brightness. If not needed, disable Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, SD-Card Slot. Teklogix recommend that to get the best battery life you should use default power managment settings.

The battery closing door is available as spare part no. 1080761.


- wired communication options ?


Option 1: desk docking station CH4000 and vehicle docking stations CH1005A/B/C: the docked Ikon connects via USB to any desktop PC.

Option 2: "USB Active Sync Cable Tether to USB Device" (CA1032) plugs into the tether port on the bottom of the Ikon and connects with any USB standard port for data-exchange.

USB Host

Option 1: docking station CH4000 provide a USB port to connect external USB devices.

Option 2: Cable "USB-A (Female) to Handylink" (CA1033) allows to connect external USB devices to the Ikon unit (Ikon is acting as host)..


Option 1: Quad docking station CH4004 provides a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port.

Option 2: adapter WA4070 - it will be attached to the USB-port of the single dockingstation CH4000 and will provide an Ethernet port. Supported from WinCE 5.9.1029 and WinMobile 6.0.933 and later.

serial RS232

Option 1: "powered vehicle Cradle" CH1005B and CH1005C provide one/two serial DB9 port (besides USB).

Option 2: docking module CH1070 - this adapter clip provides a serial DB9 port for data communication.


- wireless communication options ?

  Technology Psion part no. suitable for Ikon variant
GSM GPRS, EDGE, GSM quad band
UMTS/HSDPA triple band
- integrated on some Ikons, see table on top
Wifi 802.11b/g, WPA2 - integrated on some Ikons, see table on top
Infrared -   not available
Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR, coexistence with Wifi - integrated on ALL Ikons variants
GPS ? - integrated on some Ikons, see table on top
RFID HF band, multi ISO reader CH1071A snap-on modul for all variants
Camera 2 Megapixel, integrated LED flash - integrated on some Ikons, see table on top


- vehicle options ?

There is a simple vehicle cradle (CH1000) and another vehicle cradle with charging / communication functionality (CH1005). Both can be used with a RAM mount (WA4006). Besides there is a CLA vehicle power adapter (CH3050).





- RFID options ?

The portable docking snap-on modul CH1071A features a multi-ISO RFID-HF reader, HF 13.56 MHz with integrated horizontal antenna. It can handle these protocols: ISO 15693, ISO14443A, ISO14443B, NFC enabled, 2 SAM modules.There are sourcecodes, SDK, demo applications available.

- unit protection options ?

To improve life/usage time of your Ikon units, we suggest to use a Case/Pouch and/or display screen protection.

Case / Pouch

Picture (click to view)

Belt Clip Access to unit accessible ports Best buy
CH6090 removable magnetic snapper closing,
power plug on bottom Cheapest option, various use as case or belt-pouch.
CH6091 non-removable magnetic snapper closing,
power plug on bottom and USB port on bottom Use as belt-pouch only, if USB ports needs to be accessible.
CH6092 removable holster - instant access to unit, no top closing none belt-pouch holster style, quick access
CH6095 removable solid fit, unit has not to be taken out for use allows full access to all buttons and ports Multi function case, full access to Ikon while it resides in the case.

Display Protection: a set of four screen protectors is available as CH6112. Once fitted it protects the touchscreen of scraches of heavy stylus input. These are sized to fit all existing Ikon variants. These high-quality protectors does not minimize readability of display.


F.A.Q. - for IKON users:

- Why does the Ikon not power on ?

Check if battery is charged well (otherwise blinking yellow LED). Finally try a warm, then a hard reset:
1. Soft/Warm reset: factory settings are retained, but any unsaved personal data is lost. Press and hold ENTER + FN/BLUE simultaneosly 4 seconds.
2. Hard/Cold reset: returns the unit to factory settings, all datas are lost ! - Press and hold ENTER + FN/BLUE + FN/ORANGE simultaneosly 4 seconds.
3. Booting in BooSt "systemmenue": Press and hold ENTER + FN/BLUE + SCANNER button left simultaneosly 4 seconds. After you can "clean start" unit, which resets the unit 100% to factory settings.
None of these reset-options erases OS system, so you will never be left with a non-working unit.

- The touchscreen is not working properly.

The pen input may not work properly if the touchscreen is "decalibrated". The result is no accurate recognition of the stylus touch. Please try a re-calibration of the touchscreen: Press and hold ENTER + FN/BLUE + SCANNER button left simultaneosly 4 seconds, the unit will boot in a system menu ("BooSt"). Choose "touch test", then press "a" for recalibration routine. Tab the shown crosses with the pen, exit with "Esc" and reboot unit.

- Scanner / Imager / Camera does not work !

Windows Mobile OS does not support the data capture options of the Ikon by default. Please install the proper ADD-ON Pack, which you can download from Psion (link).

- How to connect IKON with the PC ?

Hardware: you can connect the Ikon with a PC using USB or Ethernet.
USB: with a communication sync cable (CA1032) or single docking station (CH4000).
Ethernet: with quad-docking station (CH4004) or with an USB-Ethernet adapter (WA4010-G1) the Ikon can be connected with a Ethernet.


Software: Windows 7 + Vista users require Windows Mobile Device Center, Windows 2000 + XP users require ActiveSync. Download links.
Running Active Sync with Windows XP, please check you have admin rights, firewall settings, active DHCP-client, active Netbios over TCP/IP. Most connection problems with Windows 2000/XP are gone if you install USB drivers: USB Setup application (PTX P/N: 1000997).

- How to upgrade / extend options ?

Use the Psion Teklogix Ikon USB adapter to attach external USB devices (CA1033). Ikon is acting as host.
Use microSD cards to upgrade memory.
Use the portabel docking module (CA1070) to add a standard serisl RS232 DB9 to the Ikon.


tbc (to be continued).


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