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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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- Quick Specifications ?

  Sharp IS01
Physical Keyboard QWERTY layout, trackball, touchscreen
Size / Weight
15 x 8 x 1,8 cm / 225g incl. battery
removable 1400 mAh, up to 4h hours video playback

Snapdragon 1GHz - 3.4GB user space on the device + microSD-HC card slot (4GB included, supported up to 16 GB)

960x480 resolution, full 5.0 inches wide VGA (New Mobile ASV LCD)
Wifi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, Infrared IrMC 1.1, GPS Navigation
two cameras: 5.2megapixel back + lower res. face camera, reads barcodes (JAN/QR), video recording 90-120min (QCIF/QVGA/VGA)
Slots / Ports
Sound jack Mic (mono) and stereo phones, internal mic and speaker , 1x microUSB 2.0 (data transfer and charging), 1x 3G phone audio standard jack
OS preinstalled
Android 1.6

+ nice useable keyboard
+ solid case, high built quality
+ fast Wifi, nice GUI, GPS included
+ brilliant display, two cameras

- the 3G/CDMA and DigitalTV (One Seg) functions are locked to Japanese providers and can't be used in Europe
- Android system (it's not Linux), updates not available so far


- what do I need to start with ?

The Sharp IS01 comes with all you need to start out-of-the-box: unit, battery, USB charging/communication cable. Besides a USB adapter for plugging in a power supply (which is available separately) and a printed japanese manual. Download englisch manual here.


-Where can I find informations about the Sharp IS01?

Review: Pocketables #1, Pocketables #2, Sharp Japan original pages (with google translation): Sharp Japan - Picture Show - Sharp FAQs

English manual can be downloaded from us here (link).

- system OS options ?

Preinstalled is Android 1.6 . There is no way to install Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 on it. If you are desparate in changing the OS, check the community sites, I am sure Linux is an option. The IS01 ships in Japanese, but converting it in a English unit is done fast&easy, please see video manual here.

- colour options ?

IS01 is available in black and light blue. The blue appears on the picture quite white, in reality be prepared for a light baby blue :-)


F.A.Q. - for IS01 users:

- Unit does not power up / does not charge ?

Please check battery pack has left enough power to turn on. Check if Settings / System / USB Settings / Mark USB battery charge option is enabled, otherwise IS01 cannot be charged with the USB-cable.

- How to reset the unit ?

1. stop running annoying applications: press and hold Home-key.
2. soft reset: use the reset button in the battery compartment. It does not delete datas.
3. hard reset: try Main menu / Settings / Reset. A "Reset all" deletes all data, so backup your data first.

- Bluetooth profiles ?

HSP (Headset Profile), HFP(Hands-Free Profile), A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote ControlProfile) Ver.1.3, OPP (Object Push Profile), OBEX (Object Exchange).

- What peripherals can be used with the IS01 ?

Sharp offers a range of accessories including AC and DC power adapters, portable chargers, a headset and earphones. Some external USB devices may work. (tbc).

- Is the battery replaceable ?

The IS01 uses a 1400mAh removable battery, wich can be replaced from the user easily with product code SHI01UAA.
Turning off the cell radio is a good way to conserve battery life. Instead using airplane mode (which disables Wifi as well), try the free app "Airplane Mode Wi-Fi Tool" on Android Market.

- How do I connect the IS01 to Internet ?

Most easy option is to use internal WLAN/Wifi card. The integrated CDMA modem is locked to Japanese providers. Most surely the IS01 can be conntect to your working mobile via Bluetooth or Infrared.

- compatible with Microsoft standards ?

Documents To Go is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and can view documents, edit, or create PDF.

- How do I connect the IS01 to my PC ?

Please use the USB communication cable. You also may need to install USB drivers: Windows 7 (link) - Windows XP&Vista (link).

- Is Android market available ?

Sure. Besides the standard Anroid application market there is another one accessible provided from the provider"au".


tbc = to be continued - YOUR information imput is very welcome !


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