Psion Teklogix - Solid State Disk (SSD) - Memory cards

USAGE in Psion Teklogix Workabout:

works in all variants - two slots can be upgraded up to 16 MB Flash.

USAGE in Psion Series 3:

works with Psion 3a, 3C, 3mx - two slots can be upgraded up to 16 MB Flash:

USAGE in card reader / HC-Range:

left: SSD-card reader for PC, middle: Siena card reader, right: Psion HC-Range (HC100/HC110/HC120):

Solid State Disk Technical Specifications
Size 64 (L) × 42 (W) × 6 (H) mm
Weight 25gms (approx.)
Operating humidity 90% non condensing
Emissions Europe: EN5022 Class B
USA: FCC Part 15 Class B
Static Complies to IEC801-2 (8kV)
RF immunity Complies to IEC801-3
EFT immunity Complies to IEC801-4
Available Storage Capabilities
Memory Flash SSD

128kb, 256kb, 512kb, 1 MB, 2 MB, 4 MB, 8 MB

Memory RAM SSD 128kb, 512kb, 1 MB, 2 MB
6 pin high speed serial. Gold plated for quality. Staggered pins to ensure ground connects first.SSDs can be used in a similar way to floppy disks, with a standard MS-DOS file structure and format, that can be plugged in and out of Psion hand held computers. Their software and compatibility however make them faster and more reliable than floppy disks and with up to 8 megabyte memory capacity, they also store considerably more data. Storing data on a SSD enables internal memory to be freed up allowing Psion terminals to operate more quickly and to run powerful programs that have heavy requirements for memory storage.

Fits ALL Psion Workabout modells / ALL Psion Series 3
furthermore: Psion HC-Range, PC-Reader-Drive, Siena with SSD-reader

Power Consumption
In stand by Flash 400µA max
RAM 10µA max
Reading (typical) Flash 1mA
Writing (typical) Flash 12mA average
Pin Configuration
Clock, Ground, Backup Voltage, Programming Voltage, Power, Data
Complete Data Security

Using a Solid State Disk means information collected is stored securely and the data is completely safe from accidental loss, until it is downloaded onto the main computer system. Encased in steel to provide electromagnetic shielding, SSDs are designed to withstand the extreme conditions that can often destroy other types of storage media. And with no moving parts and nothing mechanical to crash, wear out or require maintenance, they are physically much tougher and robust than floppy or hard disks.
Psion Solid State Disks (SSDs) provide enhanced data storage and security for users of the Psion Workabout range of computers. Designed specifically for the harsher environment in which hand held computers are often used, SSDs offer greater protection of data against accidental damage or theft.

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